Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vegas days

Vegas days by Rob Hood©2-6-08

See the blocks

beneath my socks

My world is quickly turning

I've a fever that's aburning

I sit at the table

doing what I'm able

Gambling is a fever

and I'm a true believer

I'm a math major

and I love to savor

the odds of winning

while the wheel is spinning

I know when to bluff

or take it on the cuff

That's my job description

My ideas require subscription

People ask me how I do it

There's really nothing to it

I just sit there looking bored

and while others lose, I scored

Many of you work 9 to 5

but I don't have that drive

although I am a player

I'll never be an all dayer

Twice a month is enough

to pay for all my stuff

Most days I'm off and free

to live life to the nth degree

I know you'll all agree

this is a wonderful way to be!

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