Thursday, May 8, 2008

Life on the farm

Life on the farm by Rob Hood©5-8-08

Spring is time to plant my crops

I need to sow the earth

when winter stops.

Planting seeds and bulbs

is tedious work

but I'd rather

work the earth than be a sales clerk.

Growing plants is lots of fun

and you are often rewarded

with abundance when

your job is done!

One year we grow corn

next year we grow clover

whose nutrients enrich the soil

and start the whole cycle over.

We raise some ducks, cattle and chicken

and get regular visits from the vet

so they won't sicken.

Early to bed, early to rise.

If you don't follow the rules

you might have a sad surprise.

Every day, there are chores to be done

and then we do the major work

out in the sun.

We recycle manure to feed the crops

We use nearly everything

and it never stops!

We grow clover and grasses to feed the cows.

We fill up as many silos as our money allows.

We eat pretty good throughout the year.

In summer we eat fresh vegtables

and even a steer,

In the fall we can and pickle the food

and when it's ready to eat

it sure is good!

We sell fresh veggies in the farmer's market

We load onto the truck

Then drive it and park it.

But our major crops are taken

to the city.

We pray our prices don't drop

because it would be a pity!

Our farm has been in our family

for over one hundred years.

I'm trying to keep it going

staying out of arrears!

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