Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Plodding along

Plodding along by Rob Hood© 11-21-2007

When I was born

I continued my quest

to go down the

right path

and finally pass the test

but I doubt that

I will ever come

to a stop

to reach Nirvana

and get to the top

I may need

to forever travel

to fall off my bike

into the gravel

to get up

and start anew

looking about

may just have to do

some may say

that life has a purpose

and if you think really hard

a reason will surface

but I have been unable

to think of that reason

and to me each life

is but a season

in the nonending

years in which we dwell

we try to keep

things interesting

so life's not a hell

when I die

I will return

in another body

to continue my sojourn

I plod along

to each of life's beats

along the pavement

and down the streets

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