Thursday, December 13, 2007

The sherriff of my town

The sherriff of my town by Rob Hood©2004

He wore a cowboy hat

and in a holster

was his gat.

He dressed in

the finest leather of the land

He was strong and bold

and at times really cold

A rootin tootin shootin man.

On his chest was a star.

He kept the law

Evil ones didn't

get too far.

He had a gold tooth

and he drank vermouth

from a jar

he kept hid

from his deputy Sid

beneath the middle

of the bar.

When midnight called

you might find him sprawled

with his feet upon the wall

He'd be nice to you

ask how you do

before telling his stories tall.

The madam was his pal

so he always slept with the best

I can't recall what it took

for a gal to pass

his self initiated test.

She had the credentials

and all the essentials

to be the best chef in town

but that was a time

when women and work

were words not

bandied around.

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