Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The street where you live

The street where you live by Rob Hood©2003

I have often trod down this street before

and my feet are bloody when I get to

your door

I often wonder what I do this for

as I wander through the minefield

to your house

People collapse and die

that don't bother me

For there's nowhere else on earth

that I would rather be

My therapist wonders

when I'll see

it's not safe on the street

where you live

And oh the towering feeling

when my friends blow up

before my eyes

yes it's a towering feeling

that no sadist or masochist

can disguise

They have pulled me out

to my great distain

Has my love for you

been all in vain?

So as time flies by

They won't care if I

can't be there on the street

where you live

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