Sunday, January 27, 2008

My life and other disasters

My life and other disasters by Rob Hood©1-27-08

When I was young

life was quite fun

and the world

seemed great to me

"Nothing can hurt me

I'll live forever

They'll be many

things that I see!"

As I aged

I reached a stage

where work defined

what I did

It seemed really funny

but I need the money

to do things that seemed

free as a kid.

I worked at my station

until there came

my vacation

that I looked

forward to forever

I was going to the islands

staying clear of all high lands

that was my greatest endeavor

When a big wave went out

there arose a shout

The sand was

littered with many things

I saw fish out of water

large sea shells

and crabs that

are called "kings".

As I gazed further out

water was moving all about

the waves were rising very high

I turned and ran

It became my plan

to reach a place

that would stay dry

Something lifted me

above a tree

I grabbed onto

it's highest branch.

All around me

were screams and shouts

in English and in French.

I held on what seemed forever

thinking that I'd never

survive this ordeal

would I ever get back

to my homey little shack

and get my life back on keel?

when I got back home

I sat alone

thinking that life was still good

I did arrive

back here alive

and thought that I always would.

As I ate my meal

I began to feel

that everything was fine

"I'll get on with my life

there's no time to pine".

When I saw the

comet in the sky

I started to vomit my pie

it has flown so near

the planet we all hold dear

soon all my friends

and I will die.

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