Sunday, February 24, 2008

My talent

My talent by Rob Hood©5-26-04

It took me many years to know

As time went by SO--SLOW

that I could write a rhyme

in a modicum of time.

and now poems

have begun to flow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3 Happy Birthday Sends

Happy Birthday Sends by Rob Hood©2-20-08

I personalized 3 poems for birthdays and sent them out today.

Happy birthday although a day I'm late.

I didn't know it was your special date.

Hope yesterday was lots of fun

Not a cloudy day

but one of sun!

I hope that you have many more

Filled with joy and never a bore!

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday on tomorrow morn

Commemorate the day

you were born!

Wishing you all the best!

Days of joy

that past the test.!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! I know it's late.

But not knowing earlier

is my fate.

I hope you had a wonderful day

full of gladness

so that you can say hooray!

It's getting late and this

poem must end

and so to you

this email I'll send!

Happy Birthday!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Advice for the long haul

Advice for the long haul by Rob Hood©2-15-08

I just took a long run outside

and felt totally cool

but everyone looked at me

as if I were a fool.

My advice now is this

Before you run

be sure to put

some clothes on

you son of a gun.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A guessing game in Hell

A guessing game in Hell by Rob Hood©2-11-08

Where are you, my dear?

To the right of you

close to you

very near

Take off my blindfold

Give me a break

We've played this game

for hours

just for your sake!

Cheating is defeating

but if I don't leave soon

I'll miss my meeting

Sleep deprivation

wears me out

Is there a conclusion for this?

I have many a doubt

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Get lost!

Get lost!
Get lost! by Rob Hood©2-10-08

I carefully used my lance

to bring you out of your trance

After a glance

I took my stance

I am on the mark

but you are

still in the dark

I need to

trade my tread

and tell you off instead

So go and take a flight

and get yourself

out of my sight

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm very sad

I'm very sad by Rob Hood©2-9-08

While I weep as I walk

I can't even talk

blinded by the tears

A fire within me sears

All my torment

needs a release

It needs to vent

My saddness has enveloped

from thoughts that developed

As I sob and I cry

I heave an unearthly sigh

Because of the pain

in my brain

my tears have fallen like rain

And all of my lament

springs from the words

that you sent

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Ostrich

The Ostrich
Category: Writing and Poetry

The Ostrich by Rob Hood©2-8-08

The ostrich who stuck

her head in the sand

felt that her life

was really grand

Very little intrusion

allowed this

grand illusion

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vegas days

Vegas days by Rob Hood©2-6-08

See the blocks

beneath my socks

My world is quickly turning

I've a fever that's aburning

I sit at the table

doing what I'm able

Gambling is a fever

and I'm a true believer

I'm a math major

and I love to savor

the odds of winning

while the wheel is spinning

I know when to bluff

or take it on the cuff

That's my job description

My ideas require subscription

People ask me how I do it

There's really nothing to it

I just sit there looking bored

and while others lose, I scored

Many of you work 9 to 5

but I don't have that drive

although I am a player

I'll never be an all dayer

Twice a month is enough

to pay for all my stuff

Most days I'm off and free

to live life to the nth degree

I know you'll all agree

this is a wonderful way to be!

A date with destiny

A date with destiny by Rob Hood©2-4-08

Sleep has nearly eluded me

caused by fears

I could not see

What allowed me

to go back to sleep?

Sheer exhaustion

way down deep

I then awoke

to meet my fate

because this was the time

This was the date

Will I follow the correct way,

get on the right path and

fail to stray?

As I take a short moment

I seem to stare

I mouth a few words

that form a prayer

I step forward into a bog

I can't see around me

I'm in a fog

I keep moving forward

without taking a break

There is no time for dalliance

I've a job to fortake

The fog is lifting

The sun shines through

The climate is warming

and the skies are blue

As my confidence rises

I know that I'll make it through

I'll handle my problems

and give it my due

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chains of life by Rob Hood©1-31-08

Chains of life by Rob Hood©1-31-08

Some chains of life need to be forever unbroken

To change them could lead to terrible consequences


My life is but a link

that is over in a blink

I will continue to keep the chain as my token.

Other chains can be a mistake

leading to horrible consequences in their wake

It's hard to be the one

to do what must be done

I'm proud to be the man who made that break!