Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3 Happy Birthday Sends

Happy Birthday Sends by Rob Hood©2-20-08

I personalized 3 poems for birthdays and sent them out today.

Happy birthday although a day I'm late.

I didn't know it was your special date.

Hope yesterday was lots of fun

Not a cloudy day

but one of sun!

I hope that you have many more

Filled with joy and never a bore!

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday on tomorrow morn

Commemorate the day

you were born!

Wishing you all the best!

Days of joy

that past the test.!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! I know it's late.

But not knowing earlier

is my fate.

I hope you had a wonderful day

full of gladness

so that you can say hooray!

It's getting late and this

poem must end

and so to you

this email I'll send!

Happy Birthday!

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