Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A date with destiny

A date with destiny by Rob Hood©2-4-08

Sleep has nearly eluded me

caused by fears

I could not see

What allowed me

to go back to sleep?

Sheer exhaustion

way down deep

I then awoke

to meet my fate

because this was the time

This was the date

Will I follow the correct way,

get on the right path and

fail to stray?

As I take a short moment

I seem to stare

I mouth a few words

that form a prayer

I step forward into a bog

I can't see around me

I'm in a fog

I keep moving forward

without taking a break

There is no time for dalliance

I've a job to fortake

The fog is lifting

The sun shines through

The climate is warming

and the skies are blue

As my confidence rises

I know that I'll make it through

I'll handle my problems

and give it my due

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