Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My visit to the soothsayer

My visit to the soothsayer by Rob Hood©5-27-08

I had many troubles

and each one

seemed to have doubles.

So I needed advice

from a sage

at a low price.

I needed someone local

whose answers would be vocal.

A friend advised me today

to see a soothsayer right away.

I always remember today

recalling what the

soothsayer did say.

He listened to me for a while

and moments later began to smile.

"May all your children be born naked",

said he

I'm filled with doubts how

these words apply to me.

I said, "What does this mean?

What is your inference?"

He answered "One hundred

years from now it won't

make any difference!"

I have now come to see

the best intuition

should come from me.

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