Thursday, May 8, 2008

Paying the price

Paying the price by Rob Hood©5-8-08

The rain fell in rivulets on that

wet and blustery day.

They hung him from a tree

because he had lost his way.

He was raised a farmers son

who knew the Bible well

but he befriended evil doers

and now he's

on his way to hell.

They held up a bank

and killed two customers

in their effort to get away.

A few policemen were

next door at a doughnut shop

and into the battle

they did stray.

The fight did not last long.

Most of the bad guys were slain,

but the farmer's boy was caught

and his verdict was quite plain.

"Hang him from the nearest tree"

was the judge's refrain.

"Too bad you messed up

young man.

Now your life is

down the drain."

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