Sunday, June 22, 2008

Storm Warning

Storm Warning by Rob Hood©6-22-08

A tornado warning has me alert.

I have fears that I'll be found

Lying in the dirt.

I'm on th 12th floor.

To escape would be

A major chore

I'm in a waiting room

With loads of windows

Near me provoking

My increasing gloom.

I don't want to be a victim.

I'm very fearful

Of the meterologist's dictum.

Fearfully I approach the exit door

as the sound of the storm

begins to roar!

Hail is falling all around.

Pieces of ice as big as

golf balls have hit the ground

Lightning flashes fill the sky

I doubt that when I reach my car

I'll be dry.

I'll be so thankful

if I make it home

I promise in a silent prayer

that I'll never roam.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A bird in flight

A bird in flight by Rob Hood©6-18-08

I saw a bird in flight

now it's gone

It's out of sight

It carried within its beak

a bunch of bugs

including many worms

and assorted slugs

All such treats that they have brung

will develop the birds

that are their young

After the chicks hatch

from an egg

they are very hungry

and for food they beg

Their parents fly both to and fro

They have no delivery service

of which I know

Thoughts from an old man

Thoughts from an old man by Rob Hood©6-18-08

Every morning when I arise from my bed

I'm filled with glee because I'm not dead

It's true that my body is filled with pain

and at my age it's quite a strain

But when I think about the other option

I'm sure that I'm not ready for it's adoption