Friday, July 10, 2009

A few limericks

A joke in the making by Rob Hood©7-10-09

Al Franken was never funny on Saturday night.

His humor was not very bright.

But I think that he'll begin

to give me a grin

when he appears on the C-SPAN site!

Hareless in Gaza by Rob Hood© 7-10-09

There once was a guy with no hair

Oh his pate was completely bare!

He never used a comb.

That utensil had no home.

It definitely had no use up there!

June Down The Drain by Rob Hood© 7-10-09

Oh when will the rain ever wane?

One would think that God would abstain

from taking a tinkle.

I’ll bet that’s a new wrinkle!

Until the water goes down the drain!

My Advice To Spammers by Rob Hood© 7-10-09

Dear spammers, I wish you’d take heed

to stop sending messages that prove

to us your greed!

You fill me with malice

because your sends are so callous!

To my spam filter I wish you godspeed!

Agency Ode by Rob Hood© 7-10-09

There once was an agent, quite tough

who made feel like I never got enough.

When I negotiated with him

my brain would begin to spin

and now it’s turning to fluff!

Crotchety Ode by Rob Hood© 7-10-09

A crotchety fellow named Rich

Was diagnosed with terminal itch

He searched for a way

that he’d feel okay

But he decided his life was a bitch

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