Monday, October 22, 2007

Thoughts in the doctor's waiting room

Thoughts in the doctor's waiting room by Rob Hood©2005

I'm in the waiting room
On that you can assume
Since I seldom write a poem
when through life
I am a-goin'

This sure beats reading
some old magazine
I see here a-bein'
It helps to hone my mind
Perhaps some memories
I'll a-find

It helps me to relax
when I concentrate
to the max
Words may come
and they may go
and what seems best
I will show

There are moments
that I treasure
and these moments
give me pleasure
To be able to make
words rhyme
gives me pleasure
all the time

The waiting was indeed
quite short
The time spent
was no felony
but perhaps a tort

As to my health
I have been blessed
My hearts still beating
It passed this test

Writing this poem
has made me happy
and I hope, dear audience
that it was snappy

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